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The scary chemicals you don't want to see in your bread - The bakery by Knife & Fork

The scary chemicals you don't want to see in your bread

This week at The Bakery, we read an article  about all the scary chemicals you don’t want to see in your food or your gluten free bread.  Sadly, there are many hidden artificial ingredients added to some food to make it, ‘taste better’, last longer or as processing aids and reduce cost.

In fact, most loaves, whether gluten free or not, on supermarket shelves include a whole host of additives, and labelling on pack can be very confusing.  The key take-away; Not all loaves are created equal………!

This is why we are proud members of The Real Bread Campaign. We share in their mission to find ways to make bread better for us, our communities and better for the planet. 

We wanted to remind you, our lovely customers that here at The Bakery, we only care for good food that is, ‘real’.

All our ingredients are gluten-free, natural, and we never let anything artificial anywhere near our bakery. What's more, all our recipes have been developed to be deliciously nutritious, and our breads are packed full of protein and fibre. All wrapped up in eco-friendly, bio-degradable packaging.

So, only Real Bread freshly baked here at The Bakery. 100% gluten-free, 100% delicious and never anything artificial. We only bake quality loaves you can trust.

There is a reason why they taste so good!