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Our focaccia has a light texture and is perfect to enjoy as part of a meal, to dip in olive oil & balsamic vinegar or even split a square of it and toast it like a panini!

It's made from our very own focaccia flour mix, lots of olive oil & Maldon sea salt.

we bake it in its own little wooden tray, which makes it really easy to refresh.

Place it on an oven tray & give it a good splash of water & then pop it into a hot oven ( 180-200c) for 10 to 15 minutes.  Do keep an eye on it though as all ovens vary.  It should be moist and soft inside with a crusty exterior. (Instructions on the packaging).

There's no need to re-heat all of it at once though - you can portion it & freeze it too.

This freezes really well - up to 3 months.