We are a gluten free bakery producing 100% gluten free bread, cakes & granola.

 The Bakery was founded by Tanya; coeliac, chef and owner of 100% gluten-free home restaurant Knife & Fork - as featured in the Waitrose Good Food Guide and winner of National Free From Eating Out Awards.

Initially Tanya did not serve bread at Knife & Fork. She has always believed it is not worth eating mediocre gluten-free imitations of gluten-reliant food, especially at the detriment of the nutritional value. What started as mission impossible, for Tanya to make amazing tasting and texture gluten-free bread for her diners that was not a "mediocre imitation" nor full of gums, additives and chemicals, was in fact the start of something much greater- The Bakery!  

Having received such a great response and demand for the breads in the local area, The Bakery has expanded to facilitate UK wide delivery.

All products are 100% gluten free, nutritionally dense & made with certified gluten free flour.

"Having three coeliacs in our family we completely understand how tricky it can be to find gluten free bread that is actually tasty, nicely textured and nutritious. That’s how this whole bakery adventure started and it is how we continue to grow; making all the treats you might miss on a GF diet, without the compromise on taste or health!" Tanya Young (Founder - Bakery by Knife & Fork)