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Large plain sliced sourdough

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This loaf is exactly the same as our sourdough and is made from just flour, salt, water and seeds.  Wild yeasts and a long fermentation gives the bread is unique texture & incredible taste.  We use our unique gluten free sourdough starter and flour blend. 

The big difference is that it is twice the weight and the size of a 'normal' loaf and we are slicing it for you!

This loaf has a tangy sour taste and a nice open texture. You may find sourdough mildly addictive and then just like me - one piece of this toast is never enough!

We recommend that this is best eaten toasted.

Ingredients: sorghum flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour, maize flour, potato flour, rice flour, psyllium husk, flaxseed, salt.

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My favourite granola ever

I just love the composition of this granola. I don’t even need gluten free granola, but it is simply the best!


Such a perfect bread for picnics and lazy summer lunches. I particularly like this bread served warm with cheese and salad.

Yummy chocolate bread

First time of trying this chocolate and hazelnut bread , absolutely delicious . Just love this company 😁

Always excellent. Super speedy delivery and lovely, textured bread. It’s a joy.


Lovely lightly toasted, oodles of butter, not too sweet - just perfect!

Best GF bread ever

I’ve travelled a lot and seen out GF bread. This is the best I’ve found anywhere

Cinnamon & Date Loaf
John Williams
Truly wonderful taste and texture

This loaf is just like the best home made bread. You forget that it is gluten-free. Tasty and 'moorish' I will be ordering more!

Just blooming amazingggg gluten free bread at laaaaast

Excellent bread. Won’t buy supermarket GF bread again


Love the sourdough, low expectations when it’s gluten-free but this was delicious, especially when toasted!

Quinoa and Millet loaf

This is the first time I have tried this loaf. I had some with my lunch today it is delicious. I don't eat a lot of bread but I am sensitive to wheat and there are times when I really want a slice of bread or toast. This and the other Knife and Fork breads I have tried are so much nicer than most of the gluten free breads available.

Very nice bread easy to slice lovely toasted with butter on. I will be ordering again and try other products. Thank you

Wonderful bread

Beautifully baked bread with real taste. So pleased to find a Baker who can make GF bread with texture and taste. I have ordered more! Thanks.

Seedy sourdough
Vicky Cargill
Lovely Flavour

Great gluten free bread. One of the best I've tasted. Will be re-ordering.

sliced sourdough

i buy this quite regularly - this one is in the freezer

Lovely Farmhouse loaf!

This bread has a lovely flavour and texture and is very good with just about anything.

Sourdough loaf
Shirley Hall
Tasty sourdough

I look forward to eating the sourdough toasted each day. It is tasty and has a satisfying chewiness to it, perfect with a sweet or savoury topping/spread. The only downside is having to slice all the loaves when they arrive before freezing! I stick to the smaller loaves because of this.

Delicious breads really enjoying them thank you

Love this bread

So great to have such fabulous bread delivered to the door. I've not found any other gf bread that comes anywhere near, especially as it has no fillers, gums or other nasties. Great to have in the freezer ready to heat or toast, thank you.

Cinnamon & Date Loaf
Caroline Mitchell

This was my first order with the bakery. The best bread I've tried , even my husband commented how great it is . The bread doesn't full apart and texture is superb . This will be my go to bakery now .

Chocolate brownie kit
Valerie Foster
Consistently fantastic and much admired

Consistently fantastic and much admired. Friends and family call them ‘the best brownies ever’ always a tussle with my conscience as I decide whether to confess that that they’re not totally mine…

Lovely GF bread

I love the breads and it's even better knowing they have no nasty additives or harmful emulsifiers. All of the breads I have tried are great and the seedy quinoa is also great, also extra points for the protein in it. Makes it even better

Really tasty!

I'm just really happy to have sandwiches back in my life. Even if they are a luxury now. Maybe at some point being gluten-free won't break the bank...

Good Bread

Sadly will have to stay a luxury or me because of price