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Gluten Free Taster Pack (First time buyer -Enter GFSP20% for 20% discount*)

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Enter GFSP20% at checkout for first time buyer 20% discount.

Have you just been diagnosed as coeliac or advised to follow a gluten free diet?

We understand how overwhelming it can be.

We have put together a starter pack with a variety of our breads so that you can try each one of them and decide which one you like the best.

As coeliacs we really missed bread and for many years we went without, as the bread on offer was highly processed, full of chemicals and preservatives and didn't do the job for us at all. That's how The Bakery started!

We are a 100% gluten free bakery & a family business too - three coeliacs!  We specialise in real gluten free bread using only naturally gluten free ingredients.  We do not not use any chemicals, preservatives or processed gums.  We are proud to be members of the Real Bread Campaign

We make bread in the traditional way but adapted for the lack of gluten!

Even so, it does all come down to personal taste so we have our starter pack so you can taste each variety of bread.

Which one will be your favourite?

Our starter pack is discounted by 20% and includes six loaves. 

We bake & dispatch fresh so you can freeze fresh.  Instructions and handy tips on storing & freezing your bread is included in your starter kit.


Plain sourdough

Our sourdough is made from just flour, salt, water and seeds.  Wild yeasts and a long fermentation does the hard work instead of bakers yeast and it's this long ferment that also gives the bread is unique texture & incredible taste.

We have our very own unique gluten free sourdough starter and flour blend that creates our Knife & Fork gluten free sourdough loaves.

This loaf has a tangy sour taste and a nice open texture. You may find sourdough mildly addictive and then just like me - one piece of this toast is never enough!

This is our original sourdough loaf in it's traditional free form shape.  Each loaf is the same size but there are never two the same. 

We recommend that this is best eaten toasted.

Ingredients: sorghum flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour, maize flour, potato flour, rice flour, psyllium husk, flaxseed, salt.


Rosemary Focaccia

Our focaccia has a light texture and is perfect to enjoy as part of a meal, to dip in olive oil & balsamic vinegar or even split a square of it and toast it like a panini!

It's made from our very own focaccia flour mix, fresh rosemary, lots of olive oil & Maldon sea salt.

We bake it in its own little wooden tray, which makes it really easy to refresh.

Place it on an oven tray & give it a good splash of water & then pop it into a hot oven ( 180-200c) for 10 to 15 minutes.  Do keep an eye on it though as all ovens vary.  It should be moist and soft inside with a crusty exterior. (Instructions on the packaging).

There's no need to re-heat all of it at once though - you can portion it & freeze it too.

This freezes really well - up to 3 months.


Rice flour, potato flour, tapioca flour, psyllium, yeast, olive oil, milk, eggs, rosemary, salt.


Eggs milk

Farmhouse sandwich loaf

Lighter in colour and flavour this is like a farmhouse ‘white’ loaf.  We still use wholegrain flours to make our own flour blend for this loaf so it’s not white but it’s most probably the nearest we will make - it is delicious and nutritious!

This one reminds me of the old fashioned ‘white’ loaves my mum would buy from the village bakery.  Delicious lightly toasted, slathered with butter or in sandwiches too – a great all - rounder.

It's a good one to try for young children too.

Ingredients:  millet flour, sorghum flour, buckwheat flour, maize flour, potato flour, fresh yeast, psyllium, flaxseed, salt.



Seedy Quinoa sandwich loaf

A seedy tasty sandwich loaf; our award winning quinoa millet loaf with added flavour from our multi seed mix.

This is made with our own quinoa and millet flour blend and fresh bakers yeast. It's incredibly popular with all the family - a great all rounder.

Ingredients: quinoa flour, millet flour, sorghum flour, teff flour, fresh yeast, psyllium, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, salt.



 Cinnamon & Date Loaf

A delicious cinnamon and date loaf  to be enjoyed as a tea bread or toasted. 

Naturally sweet from the dates and cinnamon, it has no added sugar so a real treat. Enjoy for breakfast, tea time or any time!

 Ingredients:  millet flour, sorghum flour, buckwheat flour, maize flour, potato flour, dates, rice flour, cinnamon, fresh yeast, psyllium, flaxseed, salt.



Buckwheat & poppyseed sandwich loaf

 Made from our own buckwheat & teff flour blend & fresh bakers yeast, this loaf is incredibly tasty with almost a nutty flavour and a very attractive malty colour. 

This bread definitely stands up on it's own when it comes to flavour - fabulous for open sandwiches, great for toast or just a plain ol' sandwich.

Fabulous finely sliced for smoked salmon sandwiches or thickly cut cheddar & chutney doorstoppers - whatever suits your mood. Toasted & slathered with far too much butter is always a winner too.   Sometimes the simplest things are the best...

An incredibly popular loaf.


Buckwheat, sorghum, white teff, brown teff, quinoa, flaxseed, psyllium, fresh yeast, salt.



Contents may vary


*20% discount only available for one taster pack per customer 

Based on 529 reviews
Christmas loaf

a lovely christmassy flavour. lovely treat for those you require a GF diet

5* all the way, best gf bread ever!!!

I cannot recommend this bread enough. It's amazing. It actually tastes like real food.

I've been gf for over 20 years, I had reached a point where I was going hungry at times because the only options available for a quick sandwich or breakfast tasted so bad and they have sooo many ingredients.

I tried the sample pack based upon the reviews and list of restaurants they supply and I can honestly say, the product has exceeded my expectations!

I will stop rambling now as I could go on.

You must try this bread!

First order

Completely different consistency to what I normally eat. Only need thin slices for sandwiches so loaves last longer. First I had the Sourdough loaf, reallly enjoyed it. Next was the Farmhouse. Ok until mid way thru the top crust kept breaking off and last couple of slices it just broke into pieces. Next was Buckwheat & Poppy seed. Again ok and enjoyed until last slices and here also it broke up. Could lt be that I am taking too long to eat each loaf? Have been enjoying the bread and now about to look in freezer to see what is next!, interested to hear your comments. Regards Darrell

Delicious pre Xmas treat

My family are enjoying the Xmas bread, it's not a cake but the next best thing. I toast the slices and spread with butter. When I was first diagnosed as a coeliac in 1995, a dietician warned me against eating too many gluten free sweet treats like biscuits, cake etc. She said the manufacturers tended to make them extra sweet in order to make them more palatable, consequently they were finding that a lot of coeliacs were becoming diabetics as well! This bread fits the bill as a healthier treat :)

Best GF bread I have found!

The taster pack is a great introduction to the range and they are all excellent, the sourdough is my favourite. Will definitely be ordering again soon and good to have the option to buy it ready sliced.

Decent GF bread finally!

Still making my way through my 6 loaves but so far - excellent

Another winning product. Tasty, seedy and delicious

This is a staple in our house as we are all gluten free. So amazing to find bread without all the nasties they put in nowadays and it’s SO delicious. We keep in the freezer and toast. Seriously the best

Doesn’t taste gluten free at all. It’s so delicious I can’t tell you. We always keep these in the freezer. Amazing

Everything you could wish for if avoiding wheat

Really enjoyed our taster pack of breads. The focaccia particularly was delicious & the cinnamon loaf. So nice to find decent loaves of gluten free bread without tonnes of ultra high processed ingredients in them. Highly recommend.

Very heavy and dry. Not too bad a flavour but hit what I expected

Amazing bread.

I love this bread. It’s so delicious and a million miles away from shop bough gf bread. I will definitely be ordering again.

Disappointed at first, but then......

The package arrived on time on my doorstep but my first thought was 'How on earth did they fit six loaves in such a small box?' When I opened it, I realised the rectangular loaves were really small. I thought the photographs made them look much bigger, so I then read the rest of the blog and realised you can't make them any bigger (except for the farmhouse) or they would collapse. I had bought them specifically for sandwiches, so on my first try, made two tiny sandwiches in place of a normal sized one. However, because of the density of the bread, I found they were really filling and nutritious and I struggled to eat the second sandwich. So one sandwich for me is enough, very filling.

The density of the bread was another thing I needed to get used to, hence my delay in leaving a review. I didn't like it at first, but now I am about half way through each of the loaves, I am getting more and more used to eating it and enjoying it. It takes a while to eat but doesn't crumble at all.

My least favourite was the sourdough, I didn't like the flavour, so won't be ordering that one again. But, I really like the date and cinnamon, the foccacia, and the quinoa loaf.

On the plus side, all the loaves sliced easily with the electric knife, and froze well, so there is no waste at all, which is a good thing considering they are a bit pricey.

So, considering my shaky start, I am glad I stuck it out with these breads. They have grown on me and I will definitely be ordering again soon.

Just wondering if you could try making some sandwich rolls as well?

Quality Product

I love this bread, it is a quality product with no cheap nasties in it. I thought it felt heavy, but it’s just lovely to eat, it tastes like bread should! It’s delicious toasted or just as it us. It took me ages to slice it all before freezing it, so the feedback I would give is to send it sliced, I’ll order again anyway though ….when I finish this little stash! Thankyou!

Relief & Bliss at last...

This bread surpassed my expectations. it was perfect ..
As I have tried many times to repeat my first wheatfree loaf without success, I understand what goes into all the loaves...

X Apricot & pumpkin seed loaf
Marta Maj

I enjoy the flavour. This is my third purchase of this delicious bread.

Tasty bread

On receipt I sliced all the loaves then put them in the freezer. Didn't put labels on them so not sure what the contents are. I can recognise the soda and the focacia ones from their shape. The focacia is delicious, sliced it into 12 pieces an only take out what I need for my meal. The soda one is an acquired taste and if I am honest probably won't order it again. However all the other ones are great. So nice to have bread that tastes like bread again.

Amazing bread!!

Tried them all now in the taster pack. What a joy to have gf bread that tastes ‘real’
Really enjoyed them all - thank you!! 👏

X Sundried tomato focaccia
Sue Dakteris

I absolutely love all the Focaccia breads from this company, It is rather expensive, so on receipt I cut it into 10 small pieces and pop it in the freezer, I find one or two pieces with a meal I would have had bread or a pastry product is quite sufficient and leaves me feeling pleasantly full.

good selection of tasty breads

Delivery was prompt and the breads were well packaged. I sliced all the breads except the focaccia and froze them. I have really only tasted the sour dough so far. It was very tasty substantial bread which held together well. I was very happy with the products for the price charged.

Worth the money

Box was amazing ... lovely selection.

Great bread

I have only tried the focaccia and the sourdough so far. The remainder are in the freezer. Very pleased with them.

X Apricot & pumpkin seed loaf
Alan Thruston
Apricot and pumpkin Loaf

Very good taste but , a little on the heavy side for me .

X Apricot & pumpkin seed loaf
Barbara Johnson

Lovely bread toasts really well and good with preserves or had it this morning with poached eggs. My favourite so far

Delicious everything, particularly the Focaccia!