Cinnamon & Date Loaf

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A delicious cinnamon and date loaf  to be enjoyed as a tea bread or toasted. 

Naturally sweet from the dates and cinnamon, it has no added sugar so a real treat. Enjoy for breakfast, tea time or any time!

 Ingredients:  millet flour, sorghum flour, buckwheat flour, maize flour, potato flour, dates, rice flour, cinnamon, fresh yeast, psyllium, flaxseed, salt.


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A big hit!

My daughter has recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease and has changed her diet including cutting out gluten. She loves the apricot and pumpkin seed loaf. Your moaning customers are welcome to the seed oil processed nightmare loaves you will find in the gf aisle of the supermarket.

Cinnamon & Date Loaf
Valerie Foster
Delicious and versatile

Like all Knife and Fork bakery’s breads, this is delicious and versatile. Makes great eggs on toast!

At last...... GF Farmhouse Loaf

The large sliced Farmhouse loaf is just lovely - nice flavour and good in a sandwich or just toasted! Will be ordering again.
The Sourdough a bit disappointing for us. It is ok but we felt not much flavour, didn't taste like Sourdough. Are we expecting too much from GF?

Tasteless expensive lump


Great texture and taste. Will be ordering again soon!

Best buckwheat bread

I only buy this brand as it’s delicious and there’s not a lot of choice out there for Buckwheat bread

Definitely ordering my favourites again

After reading all the 1/2 star reviews then some 5 stars I had a good idea what to expect. I'm glad I did because being used to the supermarket own & Scar loaves I would have expected light and pasty. The "heavy" loaves did not disappoint but there were a couple I'd not re-order. I WILL be ordering the sour dough!! I finished it 24 hrs . The date & cinnamon is indulgent toasted with marmalade or just butter/marg. The Buckwheat & poppy seed is fab with poached eggs & marmite.


Far nicer bread than any I have found in a supermarket. Thank you so much.

Always delicious. Freezes well. Perfect for my needs

Best of the bakery if you want to make an actual sandwich

Easily makes a sandwich due to size of slices; pre slicing is a bonus! So as for others - simply freeze on arrival. Chewy texture, holds together well, even more so toasted. Good flavour.

Love my GF breads and can not do without. I feel great when .i consume it and am safe as these are 100% gluten-free and healthy ingredients.....please introduce more flavours, GF bagels, and keto products if possible

Another hit!

Delicious focaccia, just as good as the plain rosemary one. These are a great treat, as are all the breads I have tried from this bakery. As ever, gluten free bread is best toasted (or in the case of the focaccia heated well in the oven). The ingredients are all simple, unlike the supermarket gf breads which I tend to avoid nowadays. Thank you Knife and Fork!

Good tasting bread

The bread itself was very nice better toasted I think
I was expecting a bigger loaf I think it’s a lot of money for the size also a lot of money for delivery
So I think for the size and delivery it was very expensive

Rosemary focaccia
Best gf bread ever!

I have a wheat intolerance and have tried most brands of gluten free breads, from the supermarkets. I resigned myself to the fact that all gf breads were the same; bland, tasteless and dry. That is, until I came across your bakery. I wasn't even looking, so it must have been fate. All of your breads sounded amazing and though I was skeptical about buying bread online (how fresh is it going to be?), I was intrigued.
After many updates and true to word delivery, My Rosemary Focaccia arrived about a week later. My husband has shared my gf journey, so he was also excited to try.
We sliced the focaccia and prepared it with some good quality butter and cheese and, well... We were not disappointed. The bread was so moist, fresh and flavoursome and it was all we could do to keep from devouring it in one sitting! We enjoyed it for a few more days and were sad when it was gone.
Thank you. I am in love with your bread!
I will definitely be ordering again, and recommending K&F to all!

Cinnamon & Date Loaf
Sarah Hughes
Delicious! 😋

The cinnamon and date loaf is absolutely delicious, smothered in goats butter and mashed banana! Or almond butter …
I am delighted to have at last found a gluten free bread that is even better than ‘normal’ bread!
Highly recommend ….. but be warned, very moreish! I gave 4 loaves in the freezer to keep me going😋!

Very tasty bread.

This is beautiful sourdough bread, very tasty and easy on my exquisitely delicate digestive system. Sourdough is very difficult to slice so it is a bonus to have it pre-sliced. It freezes well, I divide the loaf into two slices per freezer bag to make life even easier.

Olive bread!

Lovely bread, not too olivey-

Cinnamon & Date Loaf
Vivien Bridson
Cinnamon Loaf

Good texture, beautiful flavour, I recommend it

So far so good

I bought these for my daughter who was diagnosed with gluten intolerance over 10 years ago whilst at Uni. Bread was probably her biggest issue with being gluten free and so far she is enjoying the gluten free taster pack I bought for her!

Very happy with quality and quantity

Great bread, best GF option we've found. Sliced loaf ideal for freezing. Best toasted in our view.

Gluten Free Taster Pack

Really lovely bread. Varied and exceptionally yummy considering gluten free. Especially loved the Focaccia, very moist and lovely with olives and dips! Really enjoyed the cinnamon loaf as well, really nice with honey or peanut butter and banana. It has been really nice to try all the different varieties with different things. Highly recommend these breads.

Who knew gluten free could be this tasty!

Like all the Knife and Fork breads, the seedy quinoa bread is lovely. So very tasty and gorgeous from first to last slice. Well done all the bakers x


Slight bitterness to it which makes it very appealing. I enjoy it with smoked salmon for some reason. Yum.


Great product delivered on time.