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Seedy quinoa sandwich loaf

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A seedy tasty sandwich loaf; our award winning quinoa millet loaf with added flavour from our multi seed mix.

 This is made with our own quinoa and millet flour blend and fresh bakers yeast. It's incredibly popular with all the family - a great all rounder.

Ingredients: quinoa flour, millet flour, sorghum flour, teff flour, fresh yeast, psyllium, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, salt.


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Gluten Free Starter Pack
Sally Anfilogoff
Great gluten free option

Finally gluten free bread that tastes and acts like bread! It's a revelation. The sourdough is actually sour and the poppyseed bread is delicious with soup. Can't wait to try the others.

Not to my taste

The bread is very heavy, not very nice at all, have had much better bread
Wouldn’t buy again.
Very over priced

One happy coeliac

Focaccia was so good I wouldn’t have known it was GF. The bread seemed heavy but was light and not dry on eating it. I froze the bread and it was still as good. Amazing one happy Coeliac.

Bread I can enjoy-at last!

I have now tried all products in the starter pack and have enjoyed everything. It is such a joy to have bread back in my life!


Very nice and tasty, the best I’ve tasted so far thanks.


I think I found my new favourite! Simply yummy!

Homemade taste and texture - delicious!

I’m so glad to finally taste a gluten free bread that not only tastes homemade but is healthy and tasty too! I will definately be ordering more! Thank you!

Fabulous Loaf

My daughter absolutely loves this loaf

Fabulous Loaf

This is so yummy toasted

Seedy sourdough
Mary Mullis

Enjoy the bread very much


Excellent Buckwheat loaf that is easily sliced and it is lovely when toasted.
The Knife and Fork bakery offers the best GF bread on the market using high quality low glycemic and nutritious flours.
Highly recommended.

Sourdough loaf
Suzanne T.
Excellent GF Sourdough

Excellent Gluten Free Bread made with high quality ingredients, low glycemic and nutritionally dense flours such as sorghum flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour, maize flour, and Teff.
The sourdough and the buckwheat loaves are superb.
I love the bread so much that I am on repeat orders for the passed two year. The orders are shipped using DPD next day delivery. The loaves are sliced upon arrival and frozen in small quantities. Easily reheated, toasted and/or grilled.
Tanya, the business owner, is professional and very pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended business/bread/cakes.
In addition to the bread, the baked goodies are lovely and the lemon drizzle cake, my favourite, is so delicious.

olive focaccia

I always enjoy the products from you and the Olive focaccia was delicious.


I've never tasted such marvelous gluten free bread. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed


My husband who is gluten free says it has transformed his Christmas. He has been so happy eating all the lovely treats from you

Kalamata olive focaccia
Paulette Bansal

My favourite is the tomato one. This one is tasty but olives tend to fall out when heat up straight out of the freezer.

Rosemary focaccia
Valerie Foster
My favourite focaccia

Like Tanya's other focaccia, this is moist and moreish, deliciously irresistible and loved by everyone, whether they're gluten free or not. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Irresistibly delicious!

All Tanya's focaccia's have a five-star rating. Moist and delicious, they are very moreish and loved by everyone, gluten free or not. Highly recommended.

Kalamata olive focaccia
Valerie Foster
Irresistibly delicious!

A moist and delicious focaccia. Very moreish and loved by everyone, gluten free or not. Highly recommended.


As I am gluten free and also multiple allergies, I had been searching all over for a bread I could a) eat safely ( no eggs or maize) and b) enjoy. I had just about given up on bread when I found the knife and fork bakery, and I've never looked back. I slice and freeze the loaves and I'm never without it. I have gone on to recommend to others as well!