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Quinoa & millet light sandwich loaf

Gluten free quinoa & Millet loaf

Quinoa & millet light sandwich loaf


Another truly delicious loaf and also an award winner - it was awarded silver at the 2019 World Tiptree Bread Awards.

Lighter in colour and flavour compared to our buckwheat & teff loaf but just as tasty in it's own special way. Similar but different!

It's the sort of bread that's great for toast or a sandwich when you don't want too much flavour; you want the bread to be part of the meal in harmony with the other  tasty morsels and not to be the main event. It has a great flavour, it's just subtle.

Delicious lightly toasted, slathered with butter and perhaps an extra sprinkling of sea salt. A very tasty toasty treat.

As for sandwiches, this one will compliment anything and everything. It is also the one to use if you are planning on making summer pudding, treacle tart or you are in need of bread crumbs for a pudding.

This loaf is made with our own quinoa and millet flour blend and fresh bakers yeast. It's incredibly popular with all the family - a great all rounder.

It's a good one to try for young children too.

Ingredients: quinoa flour, millet flour, sorghum flour, teff flour, fresh yeast, psyllium, flaxseed, salt.