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Buckwheat & poppyseed bread

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This loaf is made from our buckwheat & teff flour blend and fresh bakers yeast with the addition of poppy seed too. The poppy seed adds a nutty flavour and also add to the nutritional content of the loaf as poppy seed are high in magnesium and calcium and they also add extra fibre.  This loaf has a lovely nutty flavour and a attractive malty colour studded with the seeds. 

This bread is great for open sandwiches, toast or a sandwich.

Poppy seeds have a natural affinity with lemon so a squeeze of lemon on a smoked salmon sandwiches or toasted & slathered with far too much butter is always a winner too.   

Enjoy with sweet or savoury - lemon curd or marmalade on toast?


Buckwheat, sorghum, white teff, brown teff, quinoa, flaxseed, psyllium, fresh yeast, poppyseed, salt.

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Starter pack

Great purchase nice tasting bread. Very good service.

Gluten Free Starter Pack
Louise Haggarty

Starter pack arrived as promised and so far I'm very pleased with the quality and the taste of the breads I've tried. Yes, they are a dense product but it's obvious that these breads are quality and you need less for a portion. I sliced all the loaves and froze them and after defrosting they're still excellent quality. As it's only me gf intolerant in the house, these will last me ages. Very happy indeed with the variety and the freebie was very welcome. Thank you!

Great bread

I purchased the starter pack , I’ve tried the date and cinnamon, the farmhouse and I’ve sliced and frozen the rest apart from the rosemary focaccia which we ate ! It was delicious 😋
Yes the bread is dense but it’s lovely and very filling. I will be purchasing again.

Lovely healthy bread

The starter pack is great to try different products. So far I’ve tried 4 and love the date and cinnamon loaf - it’s great to have a sweet bread treat again. I’m enjoying the poppyseed loaf for sandwiches or toasted. I sliced up the loaves to freeze so that I only have to defrost what I’m going to use that day which is a great way to enjoy fresh healthy breatdb

Flavours Bread Box
Louise Hewett
Chocolate and hazelnut divine!

At last real bread!!My freezer now has several varieties.. the chocolate and nut was something special. Can’t wait to try them all. Good that they are sliced snd can freeze and use as needed.
I’m a fan!

Excellent Bread, but not for me.

Took me by surprise how heavy the box was, lifting it from doorstep!
It's obvious how much effort goes into making these loaves. Very high quality.
Unfortunately too dense for me, beautiful on its own with some real butter, but I used to love soft white supermarket bread for sandwiches and toast. Mass produced Gluten free bread is awful, I don't want to think about how much money I've wasted trying every brand and type of gluten free bread only to throw it in the bin.
I will buy your loaves again as an occasional treat but not for everyday use, I live in hope that one day the boffins will find a decent substitute for Gluten.

Flavours Bread Box
Joanne Clarke
Amazing bread!

Absolutely thrilled with my first order. Delicious bread and a great variety to try in the flavours bread box. Will definitely order again.

Just like "real bread" Absolutely delish

Absolutely excellent. I ordered the GF starter pack and am slowly working my way through it. The best aspect is that when fresh the bread has all the texture and bite of good quality homemade bread. It was a delight to have a decent sandwich again. So often GF bread is only really edible if it's toasted. The sourdough has a lovely authentic taste and texture, and the date and cinnamon is fabulous with loads of butter and honey, and the farmhouse tastes just like good bread should I'm absolutely delighted and will be buying it again and recommending to friends.

First time order

I have only had the Foccacia and the Sourdough so far and both were totally delicious

Great find

I’m so glad I came across this on Instagram. Decent gluten free bread is really hard to find. I have only tried a couple of loaves so far which have been amazing. The best focaccia ever.

Apricot & almond granola
Sarah Chenevix-Trench

I would still like to know calories please and sugar content is any other than honey

Gluten Free Starter Pack
Kym Stallworthy

Fabulous products

Excellent Selection

I’m on my own so the majority of the selection was immediately sliced and frozen. Have tried 1 loaf and toasted it is excellent. Tanya was really helpful with delivery too. The texture and look of the bread is great and the focaccia is much larger than I expected and looks totally yummy. Sooo glad I found this bakery
I will hesitate to order again as it really good bread to but out of my affordability range without the offer

GF bread I enjoy eating

Lovely bread for toasting, sandwiches, meals on toast, and doesn’t fall apart.

GF bread as it should be

Buying good quality gluten free bread without multiple additives and bulking agents is very difficult so when I found The Bakery I had to try it to give my clients additional options for when they remove gluten from their diets. Soft, moist, dense as bread used to be. As with many nutrient dense gluten free foods the bread has a delicious taste as well It slices and freezes really well. I will definitely be recommending this to my clients.

My last order from By Knife & Fork

I have ordered several times, however my last order was not delivered as expected! My Gluten Free Starter Box was left outside my gates in full view of the road & in the sun! I was aware of my delivery time & I waited in. After 30 mins over the delivery time, I went out & that was when I saw the box. I am now using another supplier.. It is a shame as I have been very happy with the product.

X Hot Cross Bun Loaf
Eileen Furgerson

First rate tase and satisfying

X Mini egg Easter brownie
Amanda Carey
Delicious Treat!

I have to say one of the best brownies I’ve had! Texture was beautifully gooey but just the right amount. The mini eggs added a delicious combination. Definitely buy again! Open to other flavours 😋 thank you!

Great bread

Having bought the starter pack I am still working my way through the different breads. It so nice to get gluten free bread that doesn't have lots of additives in. It means I can enjoy bread again.

not just gluten free

I have to follow a low histamine diet and I knew this would be a risky buy. Sadly, not for me but with the lack of chemical compounds its a far healthier version of gluten free bread than most on the market.

Ideal taster pack

Bought this starter pack to see which, if any, of the loaves I would like. On delivery I cut all the loaves before freezing and of course I had to taste each one! Thought my favourites would be the sourdough and focaccia - but now they are joined by the quinoa and chocolate and hazelnut. Yes, they are all denser than expected but I feel this is a small price to pay for the healthier ingredients. My only reservation to ordering again would be the price though. Well done for developing them - finally I have tasty bread back in my life.

Gluten free starter pack not to my liking

Really sorry but I won't be buying again. Apart from the Focaccia and the Choc and Hazelnut I found the bread too dense and tasteless.

X Hot Cross Bun Loaf
Absolutely Yummy

Love this hot cross bun loaf..So delicious..hope you continue with it..a new favourite! Thank you.


...gluten free bread that doesn't taste like cardboard :)

X Hot Cross Bun Loaf
Suzanne Tanswell

Absolutely lovely and delicious. Great seasonal addition. It freezes very well, too, for keeping a stock.