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Chocolate brownie kit

Gluten free chocolate brownie cake mix

Chocolate brownie kit


Our very own chocolate brownie mix made from flours blended to give a rich fudgy texture and to enhance the depth of the chocolate flavour.  Can you ever have a chocolate brownie that is too chocolatey ?

The kit contains our very own brownie blend, the chocolate and cocoa that we use and also our recipe.

You can either bake them 'naked' or customise with salted caramel, peanut butter, fresh raspberries, tripe chocolate chips... the list is endless!  

Great fun and you can create or  even discover your own favourite combo. 

From this kit you can bake either 2  x 20cm square brownie tins or 1 x traybake. The equivalent of two of our  wooden traybakes.

Add: butter, eggs, sugar.


Chocolate (soy lecithin)